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In the realm of corporate governance, a pivotal role often overlooked or misunderstood is that of a Company Secretary. In Kenya, as in many jurisdictions, a Company Secretary plays a crucial role in the effective functioning of a company, bearing various responsibilities ranging from legal compliance to strategic advisory functions. Let’s delve deeper into understanding the significance and duties of a Company Secretary within a Kenyan context.

What is a Company Secretary?

A Company Secretary, also referred to as a corporate secretary, serves as a linchpin between a company and its adherence to legal obligations. This individual is formally designated as one of the company’s representatives on legal documentation.

Responsibilities of a Company Secretary

The duties of a Company Secretary in Kenya are multifaceted and encompass pivotal tasks that ensure the smooth operation and compliance of a company. Here’s an overview:

  1. Compliance with Corporate Governance and Legal Regulations
    One of the primary responsibilities of a Company Secretary is to ensure the company complies with various legal and regulatory frameworks. This includes overseeing adherence to corporate governance practices, financial regulations, and other statutory obligations mandated by Kenyan laws.
  2. Management of Shareholder Administration and Communication
    The Company Secretary shoulders the responsibility of managing shareholder communication, maintaining registers, and ensuring the company’s compliance with laws related to shareholders’ rights and interests.
  3. Provision of Strategic Advice to the Board
    Offering strategic guidance to the Board of Directors is a crucial aspect of the Company Secretary’s role. This involves providing insights, guidance, and recommendations on various operational and regulatory matters.
  4. Implementation of Board Decisions
    The Company Secretary ensures that the decisions taken by the Board of Directors are properly executed and implemented within the organization.

Duties and Responsibilities

While the duties of a Company Secretary in Kenya are not explicitly outlined in legislation, they generally include the following:

  • Filing Annual Returns: Completing and filing various statutory returns such as Annual Accounts, directors’ reports, auditors’ reports, and tax returns.
  • Maintaining Statutory Books: Updating and managing essential registers mandated by Company Law, which includes the Register of Members, Directors, Shareholdings, and Annual Returns.
  • Managing Minute Books: Maintaining records of meetings, both general and board meetings, and also managing registers of charges on the company’s assets and debenture holders.
  • Arranging Meetings: Organizing and coordinating board meetings, setting agendas, and ensuring the smooth conduct of these gatherings.
  • Registered Office Address Maintenance: Overseeing the accuracy of the registered office address across all company correspondences and platforms.
  • Security of Company Documents: Safeguarding crucial company documents including the certificate of incorporation, memorandum, articles of association, and other legal documents.


In Kenya, the role of a Company Secretary is indispensable, ensuring not just compliance but also the smooth functioning and strategic guidance within a company. Understanding the depth of their duties underscores the significance of this role in the corporate landscape.

By comprehensively addressing legal obligations, facilitating effective communication, and providing valuable guidance, a proficient Company Secretary contributes significantly to the sustainable growth and governance of a company in Kenya.

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