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Frequently Asked Questions

Our aim with these FAQs is to offer you a general insight into our company and the industry we operate in. If you don’t find the answer to your specific question here, please feel free to reach out to our team using the contact form provided.


A: In Kenya, a corporate secretary, also known as a company secretary, plays a pivotal role in efficiently managing a company’s administrative tasks. Their primary responsibility revolves around ensuring compliance with statutory requirements, regulations, and laws governing business operations in Kenya.

A: When considering appointing a company secretary in Kenya, it’s crucial to understand the prerequisites outlined by the Companies Act. Per the Act, the appointed individual must be a resident of Kenya, meeting the criteria of citizenship or permanent residency. Moreover, they should possess adequate expertise, knowledge, and qualifications relevant to the role.

A: Outsourcing company secretarial services offers numerous benefits, particularly for foreign entrepreneurs and non-residents residing outside Kenya. Managing the registration and maintenance of a company within Kenya can present significant challenges and consume substantial time. Inver Corporate Consultant specializes in streamlining the incorporation process for new Kenyan companies, freeing entrepreneurs from tedious paperwork tasks.

A: In Kenya, the role of a Corporate Secretary is pivotal in ensuring proper governance and compliance within a company. The Corporate Secretary serves as a key advisor to the board of directors and senior management, offering guidance on legal and regulatory matters. Their responsibilities encompass maintaining statutory records, facilitating board meetings, and ensuring adherence to corporate governance guidelines stipulated by the Companies Act and other relevant laws.