Business name search and reservation in Kenya

In Kenya, the process of conducting a Business Name Search & Registration has seamlessly transitioned to the online realm, specifically through the E-Citizen platform. The Companies Registry mandates that every local business undergoes an approved business name search before initiating the registration process. Here’s an insightful look at the streamlined steps for conducting business name searches and reservations via the E-Citizen portal.

Transition to Digital Services:
In a significant leap toward modernization, the Companies Registry introduced the Digital Business Registration Service via the E-Citizen portal back in 2016. Since its implementation, all company incorporation have seamlessly shifted online. For entities established before 2016 under the manual system, integration with the E-Citizen platform has become mandatory.

Applicability of E-Citizen Portal:
This digital integration extends to encompass various types of entities, including public limited companies, companies limited by guarantee, foreign companies, limited liability partnerships, as well as sole proprietorships.

Step-by-Step Process for Business Name Registration:

Business Name Search:
Begin by submitting at least three unique business name suggestions in the order of preference for the initial business name search. The processing time for this search currently stands at one (1) day.

Application for Business Name Registration:
Following the successful search and reservation of a name, proceed to complete the online application form available on the portal.

Business Name Certificate:
Upon successful application, the certificate of Registration for the Business name (BN 3) is processed and subsequently issued.

Key Requirements for Business Name Registration:

  • Proposed Business Name
  • Description of the Business Activities
  • Full Names of the Proprietor/s
  • Postal Address for the Business Name
  • Physical Address of the Business (Including road, plot number, town, county)
  • Copies of ID/Passport of the Proprietor or Partners
  • Passport Photos of the Proprietor/sCopies of PIN certificates for the Proprietor/s or partner/s

Ensuring Compliance and Efficiency:
This online system offers a more efficient and convenient approach to registering business names in Kenya. It significantly reduces processing times and streamlines the entire procedure, thereby promoting compliance with regulatory requirements.

The transition to the E-Citizen platform for Business Name Search & Registration in Kenya marks a pivotal advancement in fostering a more accessible and efficient business environment. By following these outlined steps and requirements, entrepreneurs can navigate the online landscape with ease, ensuring a smoother registration process for their businesses in Kenya.

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